The Punk Pastor Podcast: Episode One

Podcast: Episode One Here it is, friends. This first podcast episode has been a long time coming. I built this website and everything connected with it in order to eventually start producing a podcast. In this episode, you will find an introduction to what I hope this podcast will become and why I am creating […]

Why I Write (preach, teach, blog, and podcast)

Why I Write

Looking Back As I was preparing to launch, I decided to take a look back at my earliest journal entries. I have always reflected on what it means for me to write. Luckily I was pretty good about dating stuff I wrote, and I am pretty sure that the passage you will see below […]

Provoking a Revolution of Kindness

Provoking a Revolution of Kindness

Well, here it is. I am finally launching I have been dreaming about this website for a long time, and I have finally committed to diving in. In the past, I have made some feeble attempts at getting a blog going, but this is my passion project. This is the place where I will […]